Device Drop off/Item pickup

Device Drop off and locker/desk item pickup is scheduled for May 26th and May 27th from 10 am to 5 pm.

Greensburg Elementary, Kindergarten and 3rd grade drop off/pick up is at door 1. First and 4th are at door 5. 2nd and 5th grade are at door 12.

Junior High device drop off will be at the gym doors exit 17 N in the main entrance circle off of Central Avenue. After drop off, you will move to the main entrance for item pickup exit 1 W.

High School drop off will take place at exit 5W band hallway on the west side of the building and item pickup will be at exit 6W gym doors on the west side the building.

We ask that everyone remain in their vehicle during the drop/pickup process. Please make sure you turn in the device, charger and computer bag. Please, be patient with this process.