District Goals





“All About Learning”


Mission Statement


The mission of the Greensburg Community School Corporation is to provide and promote lifelong learning through its commitment to quality educational programs that prepare the students to be effective, successful, and responsible citizens.  This is to be accomplished in a financially prudent manner.


 Core Values of GCS


High Expectations- All stakeholders are working toward mastering or exceeding required goals using best practices.


Accountability- Stakeholders are responsible for utilizing and managing resources, making data driven decisions, and incorporating best practices into their individual work situations.


Shared Leadership- Stakeholders are collaborating and striving to achieve school and community goals through professional learning communities.  Stakeholders include all parents, students, teachers, staff, administrators, school board, and community members.


Evidence-Based Decision Making- Actions will be based on documented research and proven best practices supported through objective data collection and analysis.  All continuous improvement will be driven by the core values of Greensburg Community School Corporation.


Continuous Improvement- Stakeholders will persistently strive to advance by using research based assessment tools, current data results, and ongoing review in a never-ending effort for growth. 


Social Responsibility- All stakeholders share an obligation to promote and enhance positive character traits, tolerance of differences, a commitment to safety; and global citizenship.


Alignment- Our school community will use all resources to implement the mission, vision, values, goals and strategies, to move in a unified direction toward an efficient and effective educational program.


Empowerment and Engagement of All Stakeholders- Students, staff, parents, and community will value each other and help them to take ownership of their roles in the school community by setting appropriate goals in an environment in which everyone feels safe to express and share their ideas and innovations.




In light of the stated mission and core values of Greensburg Community Schools, the Board of School Trustees set the following goals for the 2016-2017 school year:


  • Curriculum

Provide academic programs to our students that are aligned with national and state standards providing learning opportunities to ensure their competitiveness in a global market place.  The following goals will be addressed:


  1.  Provide rigorous content at all grade levels that culminate in increased success on the state standardized tests (3-10) and the SAT / ACT high school exit assessment.
  2. Continue developing the internship program through vocational opportunities coordinated with local industry and GHS.
  3. Expand the internship program in construction and the trades for 2016-2017 at GHS.
  4. Address the new graduation requirements and new diploma tracks at GHS while making them more applicable to college and career readiness requirements.
  5. Utilize the Academic Vocabulary in all grade levels and subject areas in GCS.
  6. Incorporate authentic reading and writing into all course work.
  7. Evaluate the utilization of multiple teaching strategies by all teachers for full class period engagement (K-12).  Provide PD as needed.
  8. Create a successful transition program from grade 5 to grade 6 and from grade 8 to grade 9.
  9. Develop the curriculum for the summer transition program for eighth grade students in the bottom 20% academically of their class.


  • Staff

 Provide on-going staff development to promote student academic improvement in the areas where the Corporation has growth potential: 

  1. Utilize collaborative time schedules in each building to gather and analyze meaningful instructional data. Make sure that all decisions being made at the building level are data driven and are made with input from the entire staff and that a plan is initiated at the building level to address areas of concern.
  2. Continue to focus evaluation of instruction on best practice and hold all administrators, teachers, and support staff accountable for student growth and success.
  3. Review all daily lesson plans and give feedback as needed at the building level.
  4. Address issues identified on the climate survey from Spring 2016:
    1. Increase shared leadership and shared decision making at the building level.
    2. Promote the building of positive staff relationships within the buildings.
    3. Increase administrative visibility within the buildings.
    4. Consistently administer discipline within the buildings.
  5.  Examine how the Corporation can recruit and retain outstanding teachers and staff.
  6. Administer an exit survey to all staff members who leave the Corporation.


  • Finance

    Maintain a stable cash balance for the corporation through the continued use of sound budgetary practices: 

    1.  Promote, practice and show evidence of the prudent use of the community’s financial resources in the Greensburg Community School Corporation.
    2.  Maintain a cost containment plan to address deficit spending for 2016-2017 if adjustments need to be made.
    3.  Address contractual concerns that create or alleviate unfunded liabilities for GCS and negotiate changes that need to be examined:
      1. Health Insurance costs.
      2. Absenteeism by employees.
      3. Early retirement Incentives
      4. PTO examined to replace personal and sick days.
      5. Sick day accumulation limited to 90 days.


  • Technology

    Greensburg Schools will deploy the most effective infrastructure, hardware, and software, throughout the Corporation.

    1. Examine 1:1 in all K-12 classrooms for differentiation of instruction in 2016-2017.
    2.  Update and enhance the websites for all Corporation learning sites : GES, GJHS, GHS, and Central Office.
    3. Promote digital citizenship at all Corporation sites: GES, GJHS, and GHS.



  • Policy and Procedures

    Audit and maintain existing policies.  Align policies, administrative guidelines and student handbooks at each building for congruency.


  • Public Relations

    Greensburg Schools realize the important role our community plays in the overall education of our students.  We want to engage all facets of our community in this process by:

    1.  Continuing to develop ways at each building to engage our community in activities that will get them into our schools so that they can experience the innovative and challenging programs that are being provided to our students.
    2. Continuing to expand our partnership with local industry to promote vocational opportunities for training and internships for GCS students.
    3. Developing an outreach program that will bring our schools into impoverished neighborhoods to promote positive school relationships.  Continue our partnership with Centerstone offering on-site counseling to qualified students.
    4. Offer free nights at athletic events to encourage students and parents to visit our schools and participate in after school activities.
    5. Continue promoting the use of our facilities free to local organizations for public events that do not charge for admission. This does not apply to for profit organizations.
    6. Promote the local college fair and pursue the establishment of a job fair for local industry.
    7. Use Pirate Pete out in the community to promote Greensburg Schools and school activities.


  • Facilities

Provide on-going needed annual maintenance and upgrading of current facilities:

  1.   Maintain and enhance the comprehensive preventive maintenance plan developed for the corporation. 
  2. Examine costs of upgrading the HV/AC units at GHS in 2016-2017.
  3. Examine costs of replacing parking lots at GHS and GJHS.


  • Extra-Curricular

Maintain, refine and provide accessibility for all students with regard to extra-curricular programs:

  1.  Examine costs factors for all ECA programs across the district.
  2. Make sure that student participation in ECA is not limited because of cost.