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Superintendent’s Thoughts

As we have finished the two week Spring Break and start our last nine weeks of the 15-16 school year I think it is time to reflect upon the balanced calendar currently being used by Greensburg Schools.  It has been used for the past four years and we have one year remaining for 16-17 until a new adoption is required.  The calendar has pros and cons as did the old traditional one used for years by most school districts.  This year we had both weeks off in the winter and spring which is not often the case with a need to make up snow days in the spring.  The main reason for the calendar is to shorten the summer slide time for struggling students.  We provide many different resources, from food to clothing for students, and this long break in the summer is tough on some families.  Child care for students during breaks is often a problem no matter which schedule is used.  During this next school year we will survey our parents and community members to see what they prefer in a schedule going forward.  We invite everyone to communicate your thoughts on this topic.  Life has changed from the time most of us were in school and the summer went on forever.  We want to provide the greatest opportunity for learning for all of our students and provide as many resources as possible to make for a positive learning experience.

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Tom Hunter, Superintendent

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