First Grade Reading Levels


Reading levels are taken on every student at the beginning of the year, in December, and again in May. A student is expected to read at least a level E book in December. In May, our goal is for every child be able to read a level I book.

Possible Reading Levels:

PC (Print Concepts), RB (Reading Behaviors), B, C, E, G, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, P+


      The reading level tests require that the child reads, independently, a text which he or she has not seen before. Reading grades on the report card during the first semester may be higher than the child's reading level indicates because much of the class work the first semester is done together. By the end of the first semester each first grade child should have had enough training and support to begin doing work on his own. During second semester the child is expected to do work independently and must, therefore, be able to read independently as well. A sudden drop in reading grades is typical for a child that is not reading at the expected level.

     If your child is not reaching benchmarks, interventions for your child will be put into place. These may include literacy group or One-on-One. Every effort will be made to help your child reach the expected year-end goal.



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