New to Greensburg Community Schools

1. Select the New Family access request link 2. After submitting a request for an account, you will be emailed by the Skyward system an email containing your username and a link to Reset Password. It will come from [email protected] 

3. Sample email. 
You have been given permissions to use New Student Enrollment to enroll your students into Greensburg Community School Corporation. A user account with username GreensburgJ was created for John Greensburg.
Follow the link below to reset the password on your User account and begin using New Student Enrollment.

Reset Password

If you already have a Qmlativ password set up, please disregard this message and Click Here to log in. Click on the Reset Password link. 4.

Log into Skyward Family access.  Click on the 2021-2022 New Student button. 

5. After clicking the button, you will have the option to start the registration process by clicking on the Start button in the lower left of your screen.

6. When entering phone numbers, enter a 10 digit number without the dashes. On the guardian entry, it will format with dashes and on the emergency contacts, it will leave the dashes out.

7. The process does not need to be completed all at one time. You may start the process and come back to it as often as you would like.
8. To finish the process, you need to fill in all required data and go to the final step to review and press the submit button. 

9.  After submitting your registration, you will be notified by school office employees if there are any questions.