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On behalf of the faculty and staff of Greensburg Schools, we hope you can utilize this site as a resource in helping keep you informed regarding what is happening in our schools.  We hope you find this information valuable and visit our website often.  Also, please take every opportunity to visit our schools and discuss your child’s progress with the school staff.

 The Greensburg Community School Corporation has maintained as its primary focus the delivery of outstanding educational opportunities for all students.  We focus on the individual child and offer programs that will enable every student to compete on a global basis upon graduation.  We need every parent and community member to partner with us to help every child reach their full potential.  Greensburg Schools has an aligned curriculum to all state standards that through the efforts of our school staff have taken best practice and targeted each classroom for continuous improvement.  Learning is a shared responsibility among everyone in the Greensburg school community.  The school corporation has made a tremendous commitment toward providing the best in technology, facilities, and personnel to facilitate this continued improvement.

Tom Hunter

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