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FAQ’s:  Volunteer Background Check Information

Volunteer Participation Request Form

Please have this form completely filled out and returned to the school office


Q. What is a background check?

A. Continuing efforts to keep children safe, Greensburg Community Schools requires all volunteers (ie. field trip chaperones, classroom volunteers and student related activity volunteers) to participate in a criminal background check. All volunteers must undergo two types of background checks. This includes a Limited Criminal History Check through the Indiana State Police repository and the National Sex Offenders Registry.  


Q. Does the background check reference my credit history?

A. The background check does NOT check your credit history. We are only conducting a Limited Criminal History Check and the National Sex Offenders Registry.


Q. What form do I fill out for a background check?

A. You must fill out the Greensburg Community Schools Volunteer Participation Request form. Please understand that we must have this form completely filled out and returned to the school office in order for the entire background check to be processed in a timely manner.


Q. Is there a fee?

A. There is no cost to you to have the background checks processed.


Q. Why would I need a background check?

A. A background check is needed if you are planning to be a classroom volunteer, a chaperone on a field trip, or volunteering to work with students in a classroom. It is the policy of Greensburg Community Schools that any person working with or around students must complete this background check.


Q. Do I need a background check done if I am a visitor having lunch with my child or attending a classroom or school wide activity/event during the day or evening?

A. No, a background check is not required for this type of situation.


Q. Do I need to complete a background check application at each school if I have additional children attending other Greensburg Community Schools?

A. No, the background check done at one school is used district wide and allows you to volunteer at any other Greensburg Community School where you have additional students attending.  


Q. How long is a background check on file?

A. A background check is good for (1 year) from the date of processing.


Q. Where do I get a volunteer background check application?

A. The form is posted on our website at http://www.greensburg.k12.in.us/documents/VolunteerParticipationRequestForm.pdf. You may print one off from the website or pick one up from the school office.


Q. How long does it take for a background check to be processed?

A. The background checks are processed by a secretary in the school office. Typically, you need to allow 72 hours for processing to be completed after receipt of the application. However during the beginning of school and the beginning of the second semester you will need to allow more time due to the number of background check applications received. 

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