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Parents and Guardians:

Your child should understand the important part he/she plays in accomplishing SAFE and EFFICIENT school bus transportation.

Riding a school bus is a privilege based on appropriate, safe, and respectful behavior. Unruly conduct on the bus is a very real risk to the safe operation of a school bus.

Your cooperation in communicating this very important message to your child is appreciated.

School Bus Service Eligibility:

School bus service is provided to all school age children within the Greensburg Community School district. However school bus transportation is a privilege. It is not mandated by Indiana law that children be provided transportation to and from school except in certain very specific circumstances.
Students who ignore safety rules or engage in disrespectful activities may lose their riding privileges. In the event a student is suspended from riding the bus, the parent or guardian shall be responsible for transporting the child to and from school.

Enroute to Bus Stop

Parents/guardians are encouraged to review their child’s walking route to and from the bus stop. Students need to be prompt and should arrive at the bus stop no sooner then five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

 At the Bus Stop:

 While at the bus stop, students are expected to stand a safe distance from the street and avoid activities that could injure themselves or others. Students are expected to respect others’ property. It is suggested that parents/guardians supervise their child at the bus stop whenever possible. 

 Boarding the Bus:

 When the bus approaches and while on the bus, students must observe the instructions of the driver. It may be necessary to cross the road to board a school bus. Students should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, the door is open and the driver gives the student the signal to cross in front of the bus. Always cross in front of the bus with the aid of the flashing stop sign lights and cross arm. Never go under or reach for anything under the bus. If anything goes underneath the bus, inform the bus driver.

 Driver Authority:

 The driver has full authority over the passengers on the school bus. Seating assignments may be necessary to assure passenger safety. If inappropriate behavior is demonstrated by a student, the parent and/or guardian will be contacted to assist the student to modify the behavior of concern.    
Please note: No adult, including parents or guardians are allowed to board a school bus for any reason.
If you have a concern, please contact your child’s bus driver at a later time, building administrator or the Greensburg Community School Administration Office.

 Passenger Conduct:
Safe, respectful conduct is expected of all passengers to insure safety. Listed below are the rules for the Greensburg Community School buses:

Stay in your seat, with hands to yourself.
lways respect others, the bus, and yourself.
ollow the directions of your bus driver all the time.
ating and drinking are not allowed on the bus.
alk quietly: Please do not shout; No hurtful words.
our safety is our #1 concern; you are responsible for your actions. 

Always remember to keep aisle ways and doorway clear of feet, books, etc. Never open windows without the driver’s permission. Windows shall be only half way down when given permission to be opened. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door. Students will be quiet at railroad crossings. 

Serious or persistent violations offensive to, or endangering the safety of others will result in progressive discipline. A student may receive a verbal warning, receive a written warning, be suspended from riding the bus, or be denied their bus riding privileges. Certain activities may result in immediate suspension from bus riding privileges and possible criminal charges. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Fighting on the bus
  • Throwing objects in or out of the bus
  • Possession of dangerous weapons or like articles
  • Destroying or defacing school district or private property
  • Smoking, or use/possession of drugs, alcohol or any form of tobacco
  • Obscene gestures or profanity directed at the bus drivers or others
  • Any part of the body extended outside of the bus
  • Assault on a bus driver

Accidents / Breakdown:
Bus drivers are thoroughly trained in defensive driving techniques and buses are carefully maintained. Yet, given the thousands of miles traveled annually, accidents and breakdowns can happen. All the buses have radio communications and help is just minutes away. One of the most important things to a bus driver in the event of an accident or breakdown is passenger cooperation.

Accidents / Breakdown:
Accidents / Breakdown:
Accidents / Breakdown:
Accidents / Breakdown:
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