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Greensburg Community Schools: Federal COVID-19 Relief Spending

Across Indiana, $2.8 billion in federal funding has been allocated to local school districts to help address schools’ COVID-19 related needs. 

Here at Greensburg Community Schools, we have been allocated $5,637,785.18 from three rounds of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding – which is based on the district’s share of the state’s Title I allocation – and federal Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds.

Over the last two years, we developed plans for how to strategically and sustainably deploy these funds to successfully accelerate student learning, support our educators, make a sustainable impact on innovation across our schools, and update technology and other infrastructure.

See Our Plans Below :

ESSER I (Cares Act)

  Through our locally-developed plans, we are investing in 
    Personnel to support student success
    Curricular materials to accelerate student learning
    Technology to engage students
    Cleaning and sanitization to keep everyone safe and healthy

Looking ahead, we plan to continue employing more people to teach and support our students as well as invest in a curriculum that is research based and will assist with student learning. Per federal law, we have through September 2022 to encumber the first round of ESSER funding and through September 2023 and September 2024, respectively, to encumber the second and third rounds of their ESSER grants.

Funds are available for all school districts through a reimbursement process for approved expenses in the spending plan. Track Greensburg Community Schools’ current uses and reimbursements of these funds here.

For more information on Greensburg's federal COVID-19 relief funding, please contact Andrea Phillips, Director of Finance.

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